• Working with Surrey Media you can expect creative, clean, eye-catching content. I handle social media marketing for Karl Strauss and Clarke has provided incredible content every time we’ve worked with him!

    - Zeke Ottemiller, Karl Strauss

  • A1 service all around. Clarke and his team are very professional, easy to work with and spend all the time / max effort to get the best quality production possible. Would highly recommend.

    - Jordan Hoffart, Black Plague Brewing

  • Clarke is excellent to work with. He truly takes your vision and story into account, which makes the creative process very organic. I recommend him to anyone and everyone!

    - Ryan Clippinger, Teacher

Video Production


Here at Surrey Media we do our best to bridge the gap between your offline business presence and your online one, helping potential customers connect with your brand the same way they do in real life. We do this by crafting client specific interview questions and making your businesses look larger than life with top of the line video production practices and equipment.

Who We Are


At Surrey Media, we believe in a content-first approach. This means that while many companies are focusing on the ads and the numbers, we’re focused on the creative. We believe in this mindset because we believe that your brand should look as good online as it does in person. Most social media advertising doesn’t work because businesses are not creating content that is resonating with their target audience.