Family Health Centers of San Diego – Recruitment Video

Family Health Centers of San Diego typically holds a booth at an annual trade-show style event where potential students can come and meet residents from different programs as they decide where to further their education. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, this event was cancelled and health centers were asked to share information about their program via video on a website. This is where we came in. We met with Family Health Centers to learn about their residency program and figure out how we could best showcase the information in video form. We’re happy to report the video was a huge success and they absolutely loved it!

Watts Dental Brand Video – Tampa, FL

The first thing Jason Watts told me was “I do NOT want a dentist video”. He told me he hated all of the typical dentist videos. He wanted to be different, stand out, and focus on the relationships with his clients. We skipped over all of the typical dentist jargon and immediately focused on the differences between Watts Dental and your average dentist office. I made sure to capture all of the most unique aspects of the practice that I’d never seen at a dental office before and I mixed in some more modern filming styles to match the unique tone. This video was a huge success and I love that everyone who sees it says “I wish that was MY dentist!”

Casita (Parody of Callaita) Music Video – Big Block Realty

It’s not every day you get to shoot a music video for a Real Estate team, but that’s what happened! This Real Estate team in San Diego decided to make a parody of the famous Bad Bunny song “Callaita” and turn it into “Casita” (meaning ‘little house’). They happened to have a music producer as an agent on their team who helped them record the song and then it was up to me to create a video similar to the vibe of Bad Bunny’s original music video. For a music video made with less than 1% budget compared to the original video, I think it turned out great and it performed really well on the real estate team’s social media pages.

Black Plague Brewing Brand Video – Oceanside, CA

Not only do they have the coolest name in the beer industry, Black Plague also has an incredible aesthetic and a unique company culture. When putting together this video, I wanted to focus on sharing the values of the business with people that may have not yet heard of the local brewery. The story of how this business got started was so interesting that I wanted to share every piece of it, but the finished product needed to be under 3 minutes. By far the hardest challenge was choosing what parts of the story got told and which parts had to get cut. In the end, they were stoked with the message I chose and it’s up on their ABOUT page on their website today!

Vape Craft Inc. Brand Video – Vista, CA

Working with Vape Craft Inc was a fun challenge in that they don’t have any front facing, brick and mortar locations (being an E-Commerce) based business. This meant that for the most part, I had to come up with creative ideas for all of the footage that I was going to use. The main goal of this video was to bring some life and human faces to what was previous just a website. Vape Craft wanted their customers to know about the employees behind the scenes creating the product and fulfilling their orders. We also wanted to showcase the product that their business is known for, Vape juice. It turned out great and is up on their website for customers to connect with their brand in a new way!